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WNC CARRYhas made a name for itself in the firearms and training / personal defense training market. We pride ourselves in the highest quality safest possible training, the best knowledgeable staff / instructors and most importantly our customer satisfaction. Far too often we run into those “so called instructors” where the training is more a liability than ability. We encourage you to take the time and check around, ask questions and feel good with your decision on the person teaching you. We want our students to fully grasp the concepts we teach in our classes and leave with the confidence to act correctly in the situations that life throws at them. Our biggest compliment is when you leave comments like these we have here.

Customer Feedback

"Gerald Fraley - Morning, my girlfriend and I attended the conceal carry course offered a retired LEO I can speak from experience, the classroom instruction was some of the best I have ever attended. The instructor John has the experience to draw from and the ability to bring that knowledge to the classroom. The range time exceeds the requirements of North Carolina...but that's not a bad thing. If your looking for a quick slap on the back..." yea hes dead" or close enough... you passed, this course is NOT the one for you, but if your looking for an instructor that will challenge you and your abilities then look no further. He explains the laws and the requirements that must be present for you to use your handgun so you don't end up sitting in jail saying but I thought it was ok to pull the trigger. So in short of your thinking about getting your CCW then this is the course to attend you won't find any better, but hey that's just my two c"ents!

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